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By the Lake

We shot our collection on a sunny day in lake Como. A quick stop by the hotel pool for a fresh drink and then admiring the landscape by boat.

Discover all our amazing prints, enjoy !

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0038.jpg

Isla bandeau toucan

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0039.jpg
Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0035.jpg

Venice onepiece orchid

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0072.jpg

Kawai  bikini ginger

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0053A.jpg

Guinea bikini ginger

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0047.jpg

Venice onepiece cactus

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0073.jpg

Guinea bikini toucan

Kawai bikini cactus

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0060.jpg

Isla bandeau flamingo

Gian Paolo Milazzo_SS18_OMG0045.jpg